Natural Environment Teaching in ABA: Nurturing Growth Through Real-Life Learning


In-House Speech, OT, and PT Providers:

Perspektiv LLC
Specializing in: 

  •  Working with kids who have high rates of challenging behaviors 
  • Individuals with autism, 
  • Medically fragile children
  • Non-verbal AAC device user
  • Supporting and monitoring feeding and swallowing programs

Michelle H. Crespi, MS, CCC-SLP
Certified Speech-Language Pathologist
[email protected] 

Early Intervention Solutions, LLC offering Speech, OT, and PT. We specializes in infants, toddlers, school age, and  adolescent children who are in need of an individualized approach to learning and socializing.

Courtney Whitaker, Owner/Founder
(813) 996-9691
[email protected]


step up for students

Step Up For Students 

  • State funded scholarship of up to $20,000+
  • We are approved for FES-UA reimbursement
  • Continue to receive the scholarship until your child graduates from high school, reaches age 22, or attends a public school



GiGi’s Playhouse provides programming & support for people with Down syndrome & their families. Learn more about our Down syndrome achievement centers.


Paddle 4 Autism

Paddle for Autism is a non-profit organization that hosts events around the Tampa Bay area!
Their mission is to provide individuals with Autism and related disabilities with a friendly environment to be themselves. A time for them to have fun and an enjoyable experience. Also providing parents, families, caregivers and the community with resources and a network to provide support.


The Autism Foundation of Tampa Bay

Mission to:

  • Empower parents and caregivers of children with autism to speak up and advocate to meet the needs of the children with autism
  • Provide educational opportunities for parents and caregivers of children with autism to learn and understand the rights granted under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and other such Statutes
  • Encourage parents and caregivers to fulfill their role as the voices of their children.
  • Provide RESPITE for these families.