Our passion is to work with children of all abilities to help them reach their maximum potential, and bridge any gaps in deficits they may have!

ABA Therapy Solutions that Increase the Quality of Life

Bridging The Gap Therapy Solutions is a company focused on increasing the quality of life for children and families. This company was founded by two dedicated Board Certified Behavior Analysts who want nothing more than to increase the quality of life for children of all abilities. We are dedicated to following the professional and ethical practices of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board ® , Inc. Our goal is to provide comprehensive Applied Behavior Analysis services to foster independence by creating an all-inclusive behavior plan that supports our clients in all stages and settings in life.

We value working not only with children, but also with entire families, to increase communication, socialization, and daily living skills, as well as to improve overall quality of life. 

Bridging the Gap Therapy Solutions utilizes a strong Natural Environment Training approach. Our center has curated an environment that mimics one children encounter in everyday life, or an environment that the child prefers. When using this method, our therapists teach skills through play with peers and their therapist, creating opportunities for children to enjoy learning in the most natural way! 

We have a passion is for working with children of all abilities to help them reach their maximum potential. We strive to bridge any gaps or deficits they may have, while maintaining focus on future goals and setting they will encounter.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our passion. We are so excited to begin this journey with you.